Kat Smithhammer

Kat approaches life with curiosity, creativity and awe. Usually laughing (at times referred to as a “katcophony”) and smiling, she is passionately fascinated with the growth and development of individuals, teams and organizations.

Victor, ID April 23, 2013 : An evening stroll around  Mountain Side Village.

Kat has led over 100 wilderness expeditions in N.A., Europe, Argentina, Chile, and Australia, teaching mountaineering, whitewater canoeing and back-country skiing. Highlights include canyoneering with NASA Shuttle Crew STS 122 during 100-year flood conditions and the second ascent of Mt. Burney in southern Chile, 30 years after its first ascent.

A few of Kat’s past clients include: NASA, Google, the United Nations Development Programme, the Wharton School, Wharton Executive Education, National Park Service, National Forest Service, the Prevention Management Organization of WY, Teton Science Schools, the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Timbuk2, Four Seasons, and Tata Steel.

With a unique talent for inspiring people to be their best and concluding discussions positively, Kat offers insights, builds common understanding and encourages contributions from all team members. A firm believer in learning from practical experience and cultivating robust self-awareness, Kat practices her own lifelong learning with passion and focus. She has a M.A. in Leadership and Training (Royal Roads University), a B.Ed. (Queen’s University), and a B.A. (Trent University). Kat is a certified professional ICF coach and is a certified Integral Master Coach with Integral Coaching Canada. Kat is also a Wharton Senior Fellow.

Kat is happily married and lives in the Tetons. She loves soaking in remote hot springs, exploring the backcountry by bike or skis, sketching, cooking and slowing down.


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